Smoke in the Eye

Smoke in the Eye : Rupture in the colonial Archive


Tändsticksmuseet/The Match Museum Jönköping Sweden

The exhibition follows an artist in residency responding to the display and archive. The installation centres around James Baldwin's speech at Cambridge University where he challenges the foundation of the American dream achieved at the expense of the African American. At the Match Museum this exhibition questions similar amnesia of exploitation out of plain sight as photographs of people from the global south that make up the story of MADE IN SWEDEN. The voice  interrupts the narrative of the museum questioning the inheritance and celebration of industrial capitalism and its origins embedded in the violence of colonialism

The exhibition comprises, sound, video, painting on wall, paper and floor. Falu röd paint, Venetian red oil, and Sindoor pigment. 

Exibition Text (below)

Amanda Ferrada och Olivia Berkowicz