The Sparrow is Sorry for the Peacock at the Burden of its Tail

The Sparrow is Sorry for the Peacock at the Burden of its Tail.

Artist talk August 10 at 2 PM

Exhibition August 10 – September 8 2019.

Painting, sculpture, video

Munish Wadhia’s work deals with painting through an experimental and interdisciplinary approach where his ideas are concerned with collective memories, inheritance and the amnesiac absence of knowledges in westernised discourses.

Munish uses displacement as an artistic strategy to dislocate and deconstruct imagery and artefacts from his cultural ancestry. His practice functions as an investigative tool to unlock threads of history and resists the idea of confrontational cultural polarities. He revisits and reconsiders history to reveal the slipperiness of the visual codes and markers of difference that form identities.

The work is presented as installations forming sets of poetic relations and aesthetic tensions and weaving through colonial/nationalist historical loops, and using repetition, displacement and interruption with the materiality of the objects in play. Munish’s recent installations make use of found material, lost-wax bronze sculptures, video work, large scale drawings and paintings.